News and tearsheets from Norway and abroad



The German current affairs magazine Dummy runs a six page feature story on the italian crime syndicate Camorra, featuring my portrait of Camorra turncoat Carmine Schiavone. Pdf will be published here shortly.


The Norwegian Business Daily publishes my 12 page story on the shady connections between the Italian state, the Vatican and the mafia. Will publish the Pdf shortly.


Newsweek recently relaunched their print edition, and runs a massive story on money laundering in Naples, printing my portrait of Camorra turncoat Carmine Schiavone. You'll find it in your local news stand were ever you are, or you can view it here.


Five years ago I covered the devastating earthquake in the italian city of L'Aquila. 309 of its inhabitants were killed. The European Union among several others donated huge funds to rebuild the ancient city. I just revisited the city, only to find that not much has happened and most of the money has vanished. Read all about it in this ten page feature story in the Norwegian Business Daily weekend edition, DN Lørdag.


For decades, the Camorra syndicate has been dumping toxic waste in the Caserta region north of Naples. A region that now represents one of the highest mortality rates for cancer in Europe. I went to Italy in february to investigate the situation and to meet Carmine Schiavone, a former Camorra boss, turned police informant. The story was published in the Norwegian Business Daily weekend edition, DN Lørdag.


I was assigned by Olssøn Barbieri to travel to Barolo in the Piemonte region of Italy, to portray Alberto Fenocchio for a redesign of his  bag in box producs. You can see the products here.



Aftenpostens monthly current affairs magazine Innsikt published a story on renewable energy I did in Ikisaya, a small village in north-eastern Kenya. Check it out.



The state appointed commission on the july 22nd attacks in Norway has terminated its work, and is today presenting their report and findings. Im proud to have been the responsible photo editor for the commission, it has truely been an interesting assignment. You can view and download the entire report here.



For the time being, I'm employed by the 22nd july-commission in Oslo as their photo editor. Although I'm still availible for asignments in Norway. Call me on my cellphone if you need me. +47 98820006.



The Norwegian artist Morten Traavik hosted a large delegation of North-Korean artists in Norway during the Barents Spektakel festival in Kirkenes in early february. I did a story about the North-Korean visit with journalist Eskil Engdal in Dagens Næringsliv. Check out the story here!



The Dutch current affairs magazine Luxity published a portrait I did for them of Batman, a Dutch citizen living in Norway surrounded by bats! No PDF so far. Check in shortly.



The Norwegian Organisation for Childrens Rights piblished their annual report for 2011, illustrating it with my photographs of Norwegian scenery. 



The italian weekend magazine STYLE published by the daily newspaper Corriere Della Sera published my portrait with the norwegian artist Ida Ekblad. Check out the Pdf here.



The Moscow based Russian current affairs magaizine Snob published one of my images from the days of grief in Oslo following the terrorist attacks in Oslo 22/7. You can see the publication here.



My long term projecrent affairs magazine Innsikt. If you would like to check it out, it's in newsstands all over Norway from semptt on religious diversity in Los Angeles was just spread on eight pages in the Norwegian curember 1. If you are not in Norway, you can download a Pdf of the story here.



The Monthly review Le Mensuel published by Le Monde dedicated front cover and nice layout over 14 pages in the august edition. Go fetch in your closest newsstand if you are in central europe, or view the story here.



Russian Reporter Magazine published a story about the terrorist attacks in Oslo illustrating the story with my photographs from the minutes after the car bomb went of in downtown Oslo. You can see the story here.



New York Times published one of my photographs from the Oslo Bomb Attack on their website.



Oslo was attacked by a twisted right wing extremist. Without doubt the darkest day in modern norwegian history. I covered the bomb attack and the aftermath. There are two galleries containing about 120 images from these tradgic events.You can view them here.




The italian monthly magazine L'europeo has dedicated six pages to my story on the Gathering, the worlds largest computer party. You can see the publication here.




Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies dedicates 15 pages and magazine cover of their review Scenario to my project on religious diversity in Los Angeles. You can download the PDF here.




The Norwegian Business Daily (Dagens Næingsliv) dedicated 7. pages to my project on religious diversity in Los Angeles. You can see the publication here.




Norwegian daily newspaper Dagsavisen published my story about the Norwegian prison, Bastøy located on the fjord of Oslo. Download the PDF here.



The Russian current affairs magazine Snob published a large feature on Norwegian corrections facilities, presented with my story on the low security prison Bastøy, in the fjord of Oslo. A prison were inmates goes fishing, and lives in small seaside houses. You can see the feature here. 




The Norwegian monthly current affairs magazine Innsikt published a large feature on the low key, though very bloody conflict in the southern provinces of Thailand. You can see the piece here.